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February 1, 2024

How Does Container Haulage Work?

How Does Container Haulage Work?

Container haulage is the method of transporting goods, usually large amounts, from one place to another around the UK or abroad. They play an essential part in the flow of goods around the globe. Containers are easily and quickly loaded and unloaded onto container trucks, container ships, and rail transport flatcars without being opened.This effective mode of transporting large amounts of goods has facilitated the specialisation and expansion of global supply chains. In addition, the standardisation of containers has led to optimum efficiency in the container haulage trade globally.

Why Use Container Haulage?

There are several advantages of using container haulage. These include

  • Providing economic & fast transportation for large shipments of goods
  • Providing excellent security for the cargo
  • Offering flexibility and versatility in the transportation of cargo by using multiple modal solutions to send cargo long distances by land, sea or air.

The Logistics Of Container Haulage

As containers are a standardised size, they can be stacked while waiting to be loaded and unloaded anywhere. The container itself is a rigid, sealed metal box that holds the goods for transport. The container must be durable and robust enough for repeated use. It must also be easy to fill when empty. The use of standardised container haulage means that businesses and manufacturers can ensure their packaging fits into a container, optimising the space and lowering the cost of transportation.

Container Haulage Terminals

You will find the UK container terminals placed at strategic points in the complex logistics of road transport and maritime solutions where you can move the containers between ports, road and rail and vice versa. Container terminals are typically found as part of a more important port, for example, the ports of Felixstowe, Southampton & Liverpool.

Port of Felixstowe

The first purpose-built container terminal, Felixstowe, is also one of the UK's busiest, dealing with 48% of container trade. It can comfortably host some of the world's mega container ships due to its water depth. A Plessas Transport works frequently to and from this modern container facility, transporting long and short-haul containers throughout the UK.

Port Of Southampton

Whist a busy passenger port, Southampton, a considerable amount of cargo gets transported to and from this port. Well connected by road and rail, this south coast container terminal is the second largest in the UK, handling 23 containers a day on its way to and from regions such as the Midlands, Scotland, the East Coast and the North West of the country.

Port Of Liverpool

Liverpool also can welcome mega container ships into its berths and has a vast diversity of different types of cargo. Here you can find containers, agribulks, Automotives, dry bulk, forest products, energy products, metals, Ro-Ro, liquid bulks and project cargo.

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