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February 1, 2024

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Container Haulage

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Container Haulage

The Top 5 Reasons People Choose Container Haulage

Invented in 1955 by Malcolm Maclean, an American entrepreneur, the original steel box has transformed into an intermodal container. Containers that offer efficient, fast and standardised transportation. Global trade has accelerated considerably since container standardisation, with around 90% of maritime trade conducted using containers today. In the UK, container haulage is the number one option for road-based solutions in getting your cargo from the ports to areas all across the UK, which is one of the many reasons companies choose A Plessas Transport LTD. We work out of five of the UK's leading ports (Felixstowe, London Gateway, Tilbury, Southampton & Immingham) and can deliver large and small cargo across the UK. Read on for some of the other reasons people choose to transport their items via container haulage.

1: The Logistical Ease

Shippers, receivers, customs and ports can keep track of a container, in fact, everybody concerned about the cargo can. This is because each registered container has a unique number assigned to it by the BIC - Bureau International des Containers. This container number makes the container easy to track, trace and verify around the globe. The advance in digital logistics also means the reduction in empty loads being part of a transport journey—considerably reducing the need to be transporting an empty or partially-filled container.

2: Flexible Use

Everyone loves the term flexible, especially businesses trying to marry efficiency and cost. Container haulage allows for full loads of a large variety of cargo, from cars to wheat and everything in between. The option of sharing a small load with other loads has greatly increased with the input of digital logistics. A much cheaper option for a company and container haulage, neither of whom prefer not to have half-used containers. The minimum a container can carry is one ton, so there is lots of potential for filling it up! You can also use refrigerated containers, known as reefers, to carry cargo sensitive to temperature changes like pharmaceutical drugs or perishable food.

3: Faster Deliveries

Collecting and delivering to the ports or railway transport hub has been modernised. Standardisation of containers has allowed for standardised MHE - Material Handling Equipment. From a company depot to a railway hub or directly to the port, loading and unloading is a seamless operation that moves much faster. Paperwork on content is often on the outside of the container and in digital form for port officials and Customs Officers to quickly perform their duties.

4: Safe & Secure Transportation

Containers can be tracked worldwide. Losing a container is nigh on impossible with the digital tracking systems. Unless bad weather tosses them overboard, you know exactly where your cargo is. A container is generally accessible via the double doors at the rear of the container. Container doors have tamper-proof double-lock rods, ensuring the security of your loads.

5: Reducing Costs

With container haulage, you can produce and distribute your goods in bulk, a much cheaper operation for the producers and the customers. The product remains secure in the container from the start of its journey until it reaches its destination, wherever in the world that is. Alongside automated loading and unloading, using container haulage reduces overheads and costs less. Your cargo gets to where it is going faster and more efficiently, safely and securely. A Plessas Transport is a family business for container haulage. Working from three major UK ports, Felixstowe, London Gateway and Tilbury, for short and long-haul delivery around the UK. What to know more about how A Plessas Transport can assist you? Chat to us any time by email, phone or online chat.

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