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February 1, 2024

Why Road Haulage is the Best Option for Shipping Your Goods

Why Road Haulage is the Best Option for Shipping Your Goods

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When it comes to transporting goods, there are a variety of options available, including air, sea, and road. However, road haulage remains one of the most popular and efficient methods of shipping goods in the UK. In this post, we'll explore the benefits of road haulage and why it is the best option for shipping your goods.

Flexibility and Efficiency

One of the primary advantages of road haulage is its flexibility and efficiency. With road haulage, you have the ability to quickly and easily transport goods to their intended destination. This is because road haulage allows for direct delivery to the recipient, eliminating the need for intermediate storage or handling. Additionally, road haulage is not limited by fixed schedules, so you have the flexibility to transport goods at any time, regardless of the schedule of the shipping line.


Another advantage of road haulage is its cost-effectiveness. In comparison to other methods of shipping, such as air or sea, road haulage is generally less expensive. This is because road haulage is a more straightforward process, without the additional costs associated with loading and unloading containers. Furthermore, the cost of fuel for road transport is lower compared to air or sea transport, which ultimately translates into lower transport costs for you.

Container Haulage: The Ideal Solution for Large Shipments

When it comes to shipping large quantities of goods, container haulage is the ideal solution. Container haulage involves the transport of goods in large containers, providing a secure and efficient way to transport your products. With container haulage, you have the assurance that your goods will be protected from damage or theft, ensuring they arrive at their destination in the same condition they were shipped. Furthermore, containers can be easily loaded and unloaded, making the transport process even more efficient.

Ease of Loading and Unloading

The ease of loading and unloading containers is one of the key advantages of container haulage. This is because containers are designed to be loaded and unloaded by specialised equipment, making the process quick and efficient. Additionally, containers are weather-resistant and provide protection against theft and damage during transit, ensuring your goods arrive at their destination in the same condition they were shipped.

Customs Clearance

For international shipping, customs clearance can be a complicated and time-consuming process. However, road haulage eliminates this problem as customs clearance can be completed at the border, without the need for additional time and cost. This is because road haulage is not subject to the same regulations as air or sea transport, making the customs clearance process much simpler and faster.


In conclusion, road haulage is the best option for shipping your goods because of its flexibility, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and ease of loading and unloading. Whether you need to transport large quantities of goods with container haulage or small shipments with standard road haulage, A. Plessas Transport can provide the services you need to get your goods to their intended destination on time and in the same condition they were shipped. Contact us today to learn more about our road haulage services and how we can help your business grow.


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