Container Transport and Haulage at Immingham

The Port of Immingham is recognised as the busiest and most popular bulk cargo port in the United Kingdom. It boasts impressive capacity and throughput figures, reinforcing its status as a key gateway for global commerce.

This port manages a significant share of the UK's bulk cargo trade, underlining its critical importance in the logistics and transportation industries.

A.Plessas Transport is one of the most trusted and reliable container haulage companies in the UK. We provide Container Haulage services at Immingham. A.Plessas Transport provide short-distance deliveries and long-distance haulage around the UK.

A.Plessas is a company based in Ipswitch that has been offering container transportation services since the start of 2017, giving them over 5 years of expertise in shipping containers. A.Plessas Transport is one of the few businesses that focus entirely on containers, giving its clients a highly professional service.

Strategic Location for Freight Forwarders

Immingham is strategically situated and well-connected to essential trading corridors, making it an ideal hub for freight forwarders. Its extensive road and rail network ensures excellent nationwide connectivity, positioning it as a preferred choice for timely and efficient goods transportation.

What is container transport and why is it useful?

The transportation of goods in large metal containers is known as container transport or container haulage. The containers are readily loaded and unloaded, making them a popular choice for businesses that must move a lot of products.

The most significant benefit of container haulage is that it is safe and effective. Because freight ships stack containers on top of each other, they take up less room making transportation extremely efficient. This means that more goods can be transported in the same amount of time as previously. Containers are also extremely safe since they are not exposed to the elements and are less prone to be damaged in transit.

Containers are hugely beneficial when they come off cargo ships as the universal size makes them easy to be unloaded and loaded onto the back of lorries, ready to be transported around the country by a professional road haulage company.

A.Plessas Transport, a business based in Immingham, can transport containers all around England and Wales. They have over 20 trucks in their fleet, allowing them to move a large number of containers at once. They also have a team of skilled drivers that are all certified experts in container transportation.

If you need to transport a large number of goods around the UK, then A.Plessas Transport is the perfect choice for you. They provide a secure, efficient and reliable service that will get your goods to their destination on time.

We offer a first-class service day or night from the Port of Immingham. With years of related industry experience, you can rest assured that your container is in safe hands.

Immingham Haulage

We have a strong reputation as one of the best Immingham haulage companies out there. Our years of hard work have given us the required skills and experience to tackle any container moving across the entire UK. We offer services day and night from the port of Immingham, Lincolnshire  – which is the busiest of all the UK ports.

Our Immingham haulage company is here to show you we are the best at container haulage in the local area. We offer a first-class service ensuring no damage to your container. Contact or call us today for more information and a quote on our services.

A.Plessas Transport offers Immingham Haulage. We provide a reliable, efficient and cost-effective service to all our customers. With years of experience, we can handle any sized containers, big or small. A.Plessas Transport has over 20 wagons in their fleet meaning that they take on all jobs, big and small.

Who can benefit from using a container haulage company?

A container haulage business can be useful for businesses that move a large number of goods. The containers are safe and efficient, and the firm has a fleet of over 20 trucks to transport a huge number of containers at once. With the logistics industry being one of the largest industries in the UK, most companies take advantage of this method for transporting goods around the country.

That’s why we make it our goal to offer a complete delivery service, loading containers from the port of Immingham onto our trucks, and then using road haulage to deliver them around the country. For a full list of services that we offer, contact us.

A.Plessas Transport is the ideal choice for firms transporting a large number of products across the country. They provide a secure, reliable, and dependable container haulage service to ensure that your items arrive on time.

Diverse Haulage Solutions

At A Plessas Transport, we appreciate the diverse requirements of freight forwarders. Our services encompass the transportation of:

  • Dry Storage Containers: Ideal for various types of cargo.
  • Refrigerated Containers: Ensures the freshness of perishable products.
  • Liquid and Gas Containers: Specialised handling for safety and compliance.
  • Hazardous Materials: Expertly managed for secure transportation.
  • Fireworks and Other Sensitive Items: Delivered with the utmost care and precision.

The benefits of using a container haulage company like A Plessas Transport

The benefits of using a container transport company like A Plessas Transport include:

  • Secure and reliable transportation of goods
  • A large fleet of lorries that can transport a large number of containers at any one time
  • Experienced drivers who are all trained in container transportation
  • A reliable service that will get your goods to their destination on time.
  • Family business run team
  • Operating centre based in Immingham port, Lincolnshire
  • Constantly expanding and growing
  • Professional logistics

If you need to transport a large number of goods around the UK, then A Plessas Transport is the perfect choice for you. They provide a secure, efficient and reliable road haulage service that will get your goods to their destination on time. We offer our services to all major UK ports including Immingham port.

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